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Strom ® 2.0 series are advanced Electrosurgery devices that are embedded with intelligent Smart Tissue Sensing Technology powered by ARM Core processor which ensures enhanced and reliable tissue effect. With integrated energy functionalities it can be a go to electrosurgical device for multiple surgical applications.

Strom®  series

Reliability powered by innovation

The strom ® 2.0 series represents a significant advancement in electrosurgery devices, incorporating highly technical features and intelligent Smart Tissue Sensing Technology to prioritize precise and consistent tissue effect. The intelligent smart tissue sensing technology across all the modalities, enables real-time monitoring and adjustment of energy delivery, optimizing precision and providing a wide range of tissue effect. Strom ® 2.0 series devices are equipped with integrated energy functionalities, making them a versatile and reliable choice for a wide range of surgical applications. Patient Return Electrode Contact Quality Monitoring (PRE-CQM) ensure all devices ensure all devices deliver uncompromised patient safety. With its advanced capabilities and comprehensive energy control, the Strom ®  2.0 series offers surgeons a trusted energy platform.


Smart Tissue Sensing Technology™ powered by ARM CORE, is present across all the device modalities and is designed to precisely manage energy delivery, creating a wide range of desired tissue effect. The electrosurgical performance is improved and is more precise:

Enhanced LigaProVS™ technology permanently fuses vessels up to and including 7 mm, lymphatics, and tissue bundles and has improved features of:

Bipolar resection with saline application allows surgeons to perform a variety of urologic and gynecologic procedures in a saline environment with superior cutting effect and no-lag coagulation.

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