Ligapro ® VS

Ligapro ® VS Maryland Jaw is a vessel sealing instrument designed for sealing and dissecting vessels up-to and including 7mm, tissue bundles and lymphatics. It is equipped with a proprietary coating and advanced micro blockers to achieve optimum temperature and uniform pressure distribution for assured and permanent vessel sealing. Collectively these features enhance the dynamics of vessel sealing with the ease of procedural steps by minimizing eschar buildup, low tissue adherence, and less lateral thermal damage by maintaining a low-temperature profile. It is both affordable and reliable, in order to increase access to quality healthcare solutions to patients across the globe.

Ligapro ® VS

Convenient, Efficient, and Affordable

Ligapro ® VS Maryland Jaw vessel sealing instrument enables medical professionals to grasp, cut, dissect, and permanently seal vessels upto and including 7mm, lymphatics and tissue bundles with faster seal time, less adherence, minimal thermal spread, low eschar and low surgical smoke. Ligapro ® VS Maryland Jaw delivers uniform pressure across the tissue or vessel being sealed, with the aid of spring loaded handle and advanced micro blockers in the jaw for a reliable and consistent seal. With an inbuilt mechanical blade which is controlled by a single action trigger ensures ease of use during tissue transection and minimises instrument exchange.

The multi layered proprietary jaw design and non stick coating reduces the cool off time and ensures minimal thermal spread, low tissue adherence, low surgical smoke and reduced cleaning. The outer jaw insulation protects against unintended thermal injury with enhanced patient safety. Ligapro ® VS Maryland Jaw device incorporates advanced serrations on the inner side of the jaw. These serrations serve as additional safeguards to prevent tissue or vessel slippage during surgery and secure the vessel firmly within the jaws for improved surgical outcomes.

A lightweight and ergonomic design to reduce user fatigue and 360 degree actuator for accurate jaw placement. The Maryland jaw design with its curved and tapered end provides better visualization and improved control for blunt tissue dissection.

Enhanced Performance | Low Adherence | Minimal Lateral Thermal Spread

  • Hand Activation only with STROM ® 2.0 vessel sealing devices
  • Average seal cycle when used with STROM ® 2.0 Vessel sealing devices : 2-4secs
  • Feedback-controlled Smart Tissue Sensing TechnologyTM with Ligapro ® VS Maryland Jaw automatically cuts off the energy and indicates seal cycle completion.
  • The device measures the tissue impedance, rapidly and continuously and delivers the optimum energy during the seal cycle to create a permanent, pliable and consistent seal.

Reasons why Ligapro ® VS Maryland Jaw is the choice for vessel sealing:

  • Multifunctional* vessel sealing device – seal, grasp, cut and dissect tissue.
  • One-stop solution for vessel sealing*.
  • Inset activation button to reduce surgical steps.
  • Spring loaded handle and micro blockers for consistent jaw pressure.
  • The spring-controlled mechanism for mechanical blade movement for freedom of tissue transection.
  • Advanced Multi-layered jaw design for minimal thermal spread and no charring.
  • An atraumatic curved tapered tip designed for safe and secure blunt dissection.
  • Improved access and visibility due to Maryland jaw shape.
  • Proprietary jaw insulation to prevent unintended tissue injury.
  • Ergonomic design to reduce hand fatigue.
  • Advanced serrations to avoid slippage.
  • Unrestricted 360-degree shaft rotation for accurate jaw placement.

Unbeatable lengths combos to meet the precise requirement of different surgical procedures:

  • 37 cms –For laparoscopic procedures
  • 13 cms – For open procedures
  • 23 cms – For VATS and Pediatric procedures
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