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Purpose-driven work
Working in Winglobe provides the opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives and contribute to improving healthcare.
Make a positive impact
In this role, you'll be able to make a meaningful impact on people's lives and be part of a team that is working towards a common goal of improving healthcare.
Collaborative work environment
Winglobe have a collaborative work culture, where employees work closely with best industry talents to achieve common goals.
Employees development
We invest lot of time and resources on the development and growth of our employees by offering intense training & Mentoring for career advancement.
Growth opportunities
Be the part of our success story. We are looking for people with unique skill set to providing ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.
Our compensation philosophy is aligned towards results. We offer competitive fixed pay and aggressive performance based variable pay.

Hiring process at winglobe

In this stage you submit a job application . This typically involves completing a job application form, submitting a resume and cover letter, and providing any additional required information to our hiring team.

We do an initial review of job applications to determine if the candidate meets the minimum qualifications and requirements for the position. We may conduct technical rounds during this phase.

Interview and selection
Our hiring team will get in contact with you, We may conduct interview through face to face or phone or video call. There may be multiple rounds, if the candidate is suiting our role requirements, he/she will be selected and the candidate will be communicated the same.

Offer and onboarding
Once you are selected, You will receive an offer letter from our hiring team and welcome aboard! start your wonderful journey at winglobe.

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