Ligapro ® VS

Delivering precision and unparalleled performance.

Ligapro ® VS delivers a combination of optimum temperature and consistent pressure. This uniform pressure distribution is important for achieving effective vessel sealing, as it helps create secure, pliable, and durable vessel sealing. The Ligapro ® VS Maryland Jaw vessel sealing instrument with cold blade dissection delivers consistent pressure across the tissue or vessel being sealed, with the aid of a spring-loaded handle for a reliable and consistent seal. The spring-loaded handle also plays a role in reducing hand fatigue for the user. Ligapro ® VS contains advanced micro blockers for a uniform distribution of pressure across the length of the jaw. Micro blockers minimize the risk of inadequate or incomplete closures.

The spring-loaded handle and micro blockers together; deliver a permanent, consistent, and reliable seal.

  • Optimum Temperature and Consistent Pressure for reliable fusion.
  • Permanent fusion for vessels up-to and including 7mm, lymphatics, and tissue bundles.
  • Average seal cycle when used with Strom ®  2.0 Vessel Sealing Devices:
    2-4 secs.
  • Feedback-controlled Smart Tissue Sensing TechnologyTM with
    Ligapro ® VS automatically cuts off the energy and indicates seal cycle completion.

Mechanical Single-Press trigger-controlled blade:

Ligapro ® VS is additionally equipped with a mechanical single-press trigger-controlled blade for ease of tissue transection. This reduces the need for instrument exchange and the cold blade can be activated by the user post the seal cycle completion giving them better control over the tissue transection.

Spring Loaded Handle, Micro Blockers:

Ligapro ® VS vessel sealing instrument with its spring-loaded handle, micro blockers, and single trigger activated mechanical blade enables medical professionals to grasp, cut, dissect, and permanently seal tissues and vessels without instrument exchange and reducing hand fatigue.

  • Grasp, Cut, Dissect, and Permanent vessel sealing with one instrument.
  • Complete control of tissue transection post-tissue fusion.
  • Reduces instrument exchange.
  • Reduces hand fatigue.

Multilayered Jaw, Non-Stick Coating & Outer Jaw Insulation:

The multi-layered proprietary jaw design of the Ligapro ® VS instrument helps to deliver precise procedural efficiency. The introduction of a non-stick, proprietary coating has significantly improved the dynamics of vessel sealing. Less adherence, minimal lateral thermal spread, and low surgical smoke. One of the key benefits of the multi-layered jaw with the proprietary non-stick coating is its ability to reduce interruptions caused by eschar buildup. Eschar refers to the hardened, dead tissue that can accumulate on surgical instruments during procedures. By minimizing eschar buildup on the inner surface of the jaw, the coating enables medical professionals to perform procedures more efficiently, as they spend less time dealing with instrument maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, the proprietary coating helps prevent tissue adherence, which can impede the smooth operation of the instrument and hinder precise surgical manoeuvres. With the proprietary coating, the Ligapro ® VS instrument is less prone to sticking, ensuring smoother and more effective tissue manipulation.

These features also drastically reduce the cool off time for the jaw to prevent thermal injury. To further enhance the safety profile of the instrument jaw, an outer jaw insulation ensures patient safety with no unintended tissue injury.

  • Minimal lateral thermal spread.
  • Low eschar.
  • Low tissue adherence.
  • Reduced thermal spread.
  • Low Surgical Smoke.
  • Lower jaw temperature profiles.
  • Prevents unintended thermal injury.

Maryland Jaw, Jaw serrations, 360 degree actuator and Hand Activation:

The Maryland jaw design of the Ligapro ® VS instrument enhances its ability for blunt tissue dissection due to its curved and tapered jaw. It provides better control of tissue dissection, and skeletonization and improves the visualization at the tips. Furthermore, the Ligapro ® VS incorporates advanced serrations on the inner side of the jaw. These serrations serve as additional safeguards to prevent tissue or vessel slippage during surgery. By providing enhanced grip and traction, the serrations help secure the tissue or vessel firmly within the jaws, reducing the chances of unintended movement or displacement. It is also equipped with a 360-degree actuator to aid in accurate jaw placement for precise tissue effect in the required surgical area. The hand activation button reduces the steps of activation for the user and allows them to keep their focus unhindered on the surgical field.

  • Maryland jaw for blunt tissue dissection.
  • Improved visualization at tips.
  • Advanced serrations to prevent tissue slippage.
  • 360-degree actuator for accurate jaw placement.
  • Hand activation button to reduce activation steps.

Unwavered focus on surgical field

Ligapro ® VS is the assured partner for your vessel sealing needs.

Minimal Lateral Thermal Spread, Minimal Sticking, Minimal Eschar Buildup, Uniform Pressure distribution, Assured and permanent Vessel Sealing.


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